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How to Disable the SMS Feature in Facebook Messenger
Apart from being used as a messaging service for sending and receiving Facebook messages, the latest version of Facebook
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Chat with Someone on WhatsApp Even After Getting Blocked!
There are many reasons that would prompt someone to block you on WhatsApp. Being blocked means that you cannot send texts,
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Top 5 Secure Whatsapp Alternative apps for your Android: Telegram, Viber, Threema
Since the launch of WhatsApp, the messaging culture in the world has changed as more people are now able to communicate with
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Secret conversations: Hide your Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp Chats
If you are worried that people will snoop into your secret conversations on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, you can hide the
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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chats from Android
Have you accidentally deleted important WhatsApp chats from your Android phone? Are you upgrading to a new phone and do not
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What are the differences between Facebook Messenger vs. Facebook Messenger Lite?
A lot of Facebook users aren't aware of the fact that as well as a standalone Messenger application, there's also a Lite
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How to change the notification settings in WhatsApp for Android
As of December 2017, there were reportedly 1.5 billion active users on WhatsApp every month. That's an insane figure and one
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How To Know If My WhatsApp Is Hacked And How To Fix It
Did you know that it's possible for your WhatsApp account to get hacked? It's hard to comprehend as the team behind the app
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How to make group video calls on WhatsApp
WhatsApp is an unstoppable communication app that never seems to slow down with updates and new features. One of the newest
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How to enable hidden features on WhatsApp for Android
WhatsApp isn't a stranger to our articles - because it's just so fantastic that we love to talk about it. As good as the
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